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I’m Eurasian of English, Portuguese, and Chinese heritage, born in Singapore and now living in Burgundy, France. I love history and seasons although I spent most of my young life on a beach growing up on Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean. I have followed courses from etiquette to modeling, air ticketing to sculpture, and secretarial courses to dancing, life was one big discovery.

From the age of 17 to 31, I stood in front of a camera as a model not aware that I was learning the skill of photography by providing what was expected. Today it is one of my greatest passions.

It is a chore filling in what I do, all of life is art to me because everything persists as a form. This combination in an applied material, elements representing an artist’s mind are the signature of one’s being. It is the mark we leave behind when we leave this earth, an expression that remains forever…I turned to photography to highlight the best sides of all I see and experience in my world.

I realize unendingly that all of life collaborates and makes the ultimate braid of being…

Former Editor, writer, and photographer at The Communities of Indonesia, Chi Magazine, Expat Magazine, Bali Savvy, Discovery Bali, Saga Bali, Hello Bali, La Gazette de Bali, Kabar Magazine, and others. Writer of five art books, etc.

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